Angela Wood

Artist Melbourne, Australia

I am a Melbourne based artist working in oil, acrylic, ink, watercolour and ceramics.

Totem Paintings

In my art practice I have created patterns through shapes, symbols and colours. I call these ‘totems’ and they have been inspired by a range of experiences and influences ranging from artists I admire, such as Klimt, Kandinsky, Gascoigne, Klee, Whiteley and Pollock to the colours in nature and the shapes of breezeblocks, geometry, industrial design and utility covers adorning our cityscapes.

Colour Theory Paintings

This group of paintings demonstrates the importance I place on colour – colour is everything, and how those colours interact and complement each other leads to the integrity of the painting as a whole.
Texture and landscape are reduced and condensed into considered solid colours, layered upon each other until the right density and hue is achieved. This can mean that colours could be changed on the canvas many times before I am satisfied.

Colour theory investigates the complimentary nature of colours and how they interact with each other. In these paintings nothing is random – colours and shapes are carefully matched to create a balanced work of art.